Traffic Control

TRENCH & Traffic Supply  is the Sacramento area's service leader for all of your traffic safety control items.

As a manufacturer and supplier of traffic control equipment and work area protection. at TTS we specialize in traffic control safety and highway worker equipment. TTS is certified through the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP). We carry many items including traffic cones, safety vests, hard hats, highway signs, crash barrels, k-rail markers, traffic beacons, barricades and flashers. We also carry special equipment such as changeable message boards and arrow boards.

In our state of the art manufacturing facility we can produce  custom signs, construction signs, regulatory signs, warning signs, school zone signs and any other  signs to meet your specifications. 

** Please refer to our catalog starting on page 31 to view the official charts of the various sign styles. 


When the motorist needs advanced warning of road construction, detour information or road hazards, or you need a temporary message center to communicate your instructions for crowd control, parking or emergency information, TTS is your premier supplier in the Sacramento area.

Portable  message boards are used in a variety of traffic control, emergency communication and sporting event applications as well as for temporary communication devices to convey your desired text to any mass audience. TTS has a variety of different message board options including generator and solar powered units.



Multiple Message Configurations

Up to 3 lines & 9 pages.


Our variable speed limit signs offer the flexibility to display speed limits based on work or school zone scheduling. Using highly visible LEDs, these signs ensure that motorists are aware when the speed limit has changed.

With a built-in strobe and flashing digits to warn violators, the our signs are ideal for use anywhere that speed limits fluctuate. Offering outstanding features and superior functionality, the radar speed indicator signs from TTS will help keep your roads safe.


Light Towers & Portable Lighting Equipment are ideal for various lighting applications, including outdoor lighting for construction and commercial applications, wide area flood lighting and inside lighting for tanks and vessels. Our light towers are Diesel powered.



Type 1 Barricade with / without Flasher

Type 3 Barricade with / without Flasher



28" Cones (7 lbs.)

28" Cones Reflective Cones (10 lbs.)


42" Delineator with 12 lb. base.


Aluminum Signs / Under 48"

Aluminum Signs / Over 48"

Mounted Aluminum Signs

Mesh Roll-up Signs

Night Reflective Roll-up Signs

Roll-up Sign Stand

Flashing Beacon for Sign Stands (12 volt)

K-Rail / Jersey Wall

Concrete Barriers (20')

Plastic Water Filled Barriers (6')

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